Tonight’s Madder Root Red


This, my dears, is a tiny bit of red wool that has soaked in a cold water dye bath since 7 am. At 10 am, I threw some sugar and yeast into the dye pot and it has intensified the color… This is the sample cut off at 1 pm.


Can you see the difference?

There is still a chunk of wool in the ounce of madder root dye bath, but I just added a sample of alum mordanted linen. And set a pot of sumac leaves to boiling with yet another linen sample. After mordanting overnight, I will pop that to the trial dye bath as well.

I am exploring more of the ‘what was dyeing like in Sorcha’s home’ experiments. I read a blog post months ago by someone who suggested that people in some of these times would not have had the fuel, much less the fancy chemicals, to successfully dye as they were able to do in later period.

I like the success I am having with the madder root, don’t you?

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