Dye Class at Novices, Neophytes and Knaves III

I’m getting excited for this class – I have the entire covered outside patio area to set up pots for dyeing stuff. I’m going to demonstrate both cold and hot dyeing; for example, how heat can turn madder root muddy and how a room temp dye bath is slow but still a good thing. Some things, like onion skins, only seem to take if hot.  Weld, on the other hand, does not and I have lots of weld.

I’m perfecting the woad extraction of dye stuff. I have precipitant! I heated back up the liquid from yesterday; the wet, soggy mass of cooked woad leaves were the only thing in the bucket for the compost pile. So I dragged them out, dumped them back into the liquid and put the whole mess back on the stove to boil for a few minutes. This website suggests boiling for a few minutes to break down the leaves, release the indigo. Cooled it down again, dug out the woad leaves, and set the mixer on it for ten minutes. Poured it back into the big glass jar and the indigo immediately started settling to the bottom. Yeah! It’s blue! It’s also probably got a lot of the washing soda in there but finally I’m getting blue stuff like I’m supposed to get.

And I ordered the Spectralite from Dharma Trading as well so I can prevent the air from getting into the dye pot. I don’t know how successful it would be to try to move a fermentation pot, so even though that is what Sorcha would have had I’m trying it this other way.

Very exciting stuff.


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