Fighter practice!

Theodweard organized a big fighter practice this afternoon – there was probably about 15 fighters there plus numerous support people. For myself, I did get into armor and I did fight and while it wasn’t a lot and it was pathetically out-of-shape fighting, but I did get out there. And I had a good time. I think everyone else did as well, as the spirit of the gathering was high. And at one point i was told there were more people working towards authorization there than authorized fighters, which is pretty cool and good for Society. I, unfortunately, had eaten a bit of toast this morning and that was all so I had no power, no energy, and about fell on Van and his Dr. Pepper when he walked over at one point.

Then we went to Terry and Cathy’s for dinner. Burgers and potluck and conversation.

While I was there, I denuded part of their sumac trees of leaves for their tannic acid. I need it to open up the linen so that it takes dye better and makes it last. There is a three-gallon pail out there waiting to be dried or maybe just cooked up and the acid reduced down. Mostly it depends on if I can do the cooking inside…the rhubarb leaves would have poisoned us during the cooking, I understand.

So…should not have eaten. Tummy is all upset again and i’m not happy with that.

I’m watching a Miss Marple mystery and need to go help get a cat inside. Early bed tonight, though.

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