Wonderful, Successful Morning!

Rachel and I went to get haircuts at Nova this morning, and I went a bit short in the back. Not as short as Emily’s though. I’m glad I was a challenging cut – the student got to do a newer cut for her, she got to work with my really thick hair and I really enjoyed the atmosphere over there. “Hanging out on the back porch with your girl friends” atmosphere. It was fun.

Then we went shopping with Dani. I found a pretty suit at Herbergers, only to get down to Penneys to find it $30 cheaper. And another suit I found plus a dress made it into the bag I brought home.

It took a bit longer than I thought it would but it’s been that long since I was shopping, I’d sorta forgot.

We did eat lunch and I did eat a bit. Tummy is rumbling already, damn it, so I guess half a bag of french fries and the patty off a burger is a bad idea yet. I’m going to get a run in, then a shower. But first, must go see what Van is going in the basement; a sink just came upstairs, and now there’s a saw going. What did that man get up to while I was gone?

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