Creative Whirlwind!

If you google GISHWHES  and then weed through the fan-squee sites, you can find the artistic nature of this digital scavenger hunt. People had fun creating some pretty clever videos and pics; some of them are in the intro video. Some are not, but are on people’s tumblr blogs or elsewhere on the interwebs. Misha Collins and a select crew of enthused geniuses have turned his fans into a force for good and more; it’s really impressive. I’ve not yet figured out if this is also a charity-benefiting activity as Random Acts but it sure looks like a lot of fun.

And anyway it’s only 10 days.

I have a team started and have starting inviting people. Rachel is on the team as a co-captain. While I may not need yet one more thing to be involved in, and I don’t, nevertheless I’ll do this as well.

Called the state’s election headquarters and spoke into the phone system to make sure my name is pronounced correctly for the audio ballots in November. I think I’ve read just about everything in the state statutes regarding cities. I’ve read our city ordinances a couple of times and have read the last six months of the meeting minutes, from every committee that has posted them. Snapshots into the business of the community. Now to reach out to listen to the words of individuals who live here. Even if I don’t get city council, I’m going to be involved and actively aware of what affects me here. Maybe I can’t feel that my national vote will do any good, one vote in the electoral sea but still one sent out there but I can and should do what I can locally.

There was a pretty bad flashback last night and I’m still suffering after effects of that. Damn hard morning but I stayed busy. Then found this GISHWHES and nearly choked on my lunch. Ha! Gaiety and whimsy!

I’ve got a cat that is pleading for gushy food; the older he gets, the more vocal Boo becomes. Kinda cute, really. But I suppose….



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