Report on yesterday’s demo at the Oronoco Gold Rush

Here’s some of what happened yesterday:

Gave away about a dozen brochures to people who are interested in us. People who spent quality shopping time talking history with us, talking fun things to do, fighting to do, learning to do, food to eat, people to share with. Several from Mankato, one from somewhere in NE Wisconsin, several from the Eau Claire area, several from the Cities. Met someone from Zumbrota who came back twice to talk to us.

Those people who were from outside our shire, we turned the brochure over and pointed out the kingdom website and talked about how to find us on FaceBook. How to contact the seneschal or the chatelaine of a group.

Gevehard and HSH Luce made beads; Gev sold some early in the day. Luce had a circle of attentive girls more than once. And we went on walk-about to the church for pie; it made me happy. I wanted the townspeople to see that we were not just using the town to recruit but were leaving our booth to go support the event by spending money at the local stands. We also stopped for honey and found the queen bee in the demo hive that the beekeeper pulled out of the working hive; that was very interesting. He brings out a new section of the hive each day, just happened to also get a queen bee yesterday.

Martin stopped by with the demo kit and that was very useful for discussing some of the things a person can do in the SCA. The chain catches people’s eye. So does Gev’s armor, which is on a stand where they can see it. Ha! We had someone walk up, look at it, and say that his brother makes armor out east (I think) for SCA fighters.

I washed wool. Today I’m also going to simmer down rhubarb leaves to freeze up, thanks to Gavin, if the wind isn’t blowing directly into the tent again. He also came to help talk to people; we keep getting wide-eyed enthusiastic people being sent down here by their parents. We’ve talked to those parents, and the validation of them sending their own down to see us is cool.

Well, I need a fresh shower, some more coffee, and then I want to get out there and start working on things. I will try to do better about blogging today; my wifi will hit the street here and the iPad goes where I carry it.

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