Idle Evening of Embroidery and TV

Started the evening with a miniseries called With Fire and Sword but it while it was interesting, esp visually interesting, it really was pretty much a historical romance novel set against good reenactment. And really I got cranky having to keep my eyes on the screen to read the subtitles. I’ll finish this disk tomorrow and yes, I will get the last just to say I finished it. Traveling with the Dead was set in the same landscape and for all i know, the same conflicts.

So instead I turned back on some Rosemary and Thyme and watched two episodes. I think I need to have a try at playing BizzBuzz though I’ll loose. I’m horrid at mathy games. But I was able to embroidery and keep an eye on FaceBook without losing track of the story.

Bed! Got a big day tomorrow with a patch application at 8 am.


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