I have a body doing this decay-thing, too

There is a chart somewhere in my life where I am supposed to be noting when I complete a workout, but frankly I think I am doing a better job of noting it on FaceBook than on that online form. I thought it was going to be motivating to see the colored squares but not so.

I follow a runner who is trying to get back into his game; there’s a pretty good post linked below. I liked this line:

I will continue to run in ignorance. I will hold to my conviction that simply knowing usually the distance and listening to the feedback my ever-decaying body gives me is enough to bridge the gap between now and the end of October.

via race training: the good, bad, and ugly « less is more.

Working out. It’s falling into a 4-5 times a week activity, and I’m celebrating the other activities I do that cause me to sweat and to become stronger and more flexible while at the same time I am noting that I’m not getting better at endurance activities. Like running – the cardio workouts are really not moving me towards putting the helm back on and spend the afternoon on the field. I have one of those ever-decaying bodies, too and I need to keep fighting that.

Well, enough musing. I need more coffee.

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