• What is Healthing? And How am I Doing This?

    What is Healthing? And How am I Doing This?

    Hello, my friends! I did not make up that word ‘healthing,’ btw. It’s in Urban Dictionary so it’s an official word that I’m claiming as I work towards a better, happier, more limber self. I’m healthing for more time with my family, for camping, for crafting, for tending to my home. Healthing towards travel. Diabetes…

  • Unfound in Capen Park

    Unfound in Capen Park

    Capen Park Cache v3.0: GC1Q5RA, Difficulty 1.5, Terrain 2, Regular container, Placed 2009. This explore was on Wednesday, May 10th. I needed to get to the inventory for the next estate sale we were holding but since I only had one to do I took advantage of the pretty day. Capen Park is best known…

  • Testing WordPress.com app on my phone

    Testing WordPress.com app on my phone

    Gosh, darn it, the text part of this is finicky. The text disappears easily if I am trying to edit a misspoken word. I can add a featured image! I can add alt text to an image on my phone here.

  • Busy Day at ESM! #What’sGoingOn

    I’m doing the ads again for Estate Sale Managers, and have to both finish this week’s inventory ad and start the work for the next property’s newspaper ad. My phone was doing this really weird thing where it put periods between each word last week. OMG. I have painstakingly removed most of them. I speak…

  • Personal Blogging

    Personal Blogging

    Get your writing on. I’ve been following a thread through websites that started with something I’ve forgotten, but I ended up on Monique Judge’s writing and I’m sharing part of a comment from uteki on the post Bring Back Personal Blogging. Uteki says: One idea I recently found is the term “Learning in Public”. It…