Quick Post 10-17

Just about to start painting my wall, but I am chatting with the grandkids for a bit first. I got to see them last night, but missed Draven and it’s always good to see the rest of the family as well. The youngest are painting, and we are talking about making our own paints the […]

Jayne Cobb, a grey cat with lots of white tummy
Best Practices

Drink Water and Clean Your Room

I’m going to continue to clean my workroom / office today, and bring home paint chips. I might as well paint it this weekend, after doing a few staining projects around the house that I’ve avoided. I’m also trying to drink the water…I still have the water cup from my surgery last November. I should […]

A grunge wall including words like Civil War and Trump
Civil Disruptions

I Don’t Trust You, Random American Person

I don’t feel that it’s safe to trust people, after living through the last four years of living in Trump’s America. There are armed groups of men threatening to watch at the polls, intimidating people just with their presence. “My Way or the Highway” bullies who will stare aggressively at people. Violent rioters are subversing […]

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