August 15, 2012 Jonya Pacey 0Comment

Just like last year, they are the wrong type of tent. All modern and plastic. But the atmosphere and the hammering and the anticipation is nice. The private-lot vendors are in full swing here. Tomorrow at 6 am, the first of the event-lot vendors start lining up in the street in front of our house. Yeah, Gold Rush!

Went to the city council meeting and was comfortably welcomed. It was a good time; I’ll be going to more, of course. The website and fliers are  coming along.

Did some fussy work for our own gold rush demo and car parking fun. We are going to put signs up tomorrow at some point. I told them I  would come work a bit as well, helping with signs and the like. Be helpy and comfortable and a good listener.

But right now I’m watching a Maggie Smith movie – From Time to Time. There is time travel and end of WWII atmosphere. Getting spooky as the young man explores the old house, and learns about his family. Laters!


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