January 15, 2016 Jonya Pacey 0Comment

Ever wake up just convinced everything is going well? Me neither – least ways, not very often. But today I did and it’s just been rolling forward on the positive.

After a strong session at the computer this morning, I headed to Zumbrota to go shopping for a new dress. Found one at Phenomenal Women, on sale, and a nicely coordinating jacket-thing to help make it pop. Plus a linen shirt from Travelsmith, one of my favorite lines and also on sale.

Walked down to Artify to see Stacy and found Nancy Ellison was there. It’s her regular Friday at the shop. That was a nice surprise! She shared about some interesting events in 2016 – I’ve dug around and cannot find any links. Google Fail, here.

After a too-short catch-up with the two of them, I headed into Rochester for a zip through Savers (found a picture with sheep in it, turns out it is a poor reprint of a cutdown of a work by Joseph Farquarson), then got my hair cut and now I’m home.

And the day isn’t over yet, either.

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