September 12, 2012 Jonya Pacey

I’m getting excited for this class – I have the entire covered outside patio area to set up pots for dyeing stuff. I’m going to demonstrate both cold and hot dyeing; for example, how heat can turn madder root muddy and how a room temp dye bath is slow but still a good thing. Some things, like onion skins, only seem to take if hot.  Weld, on the other hand, does not and I have lots of weld. I’m perfecting the woad extraction of dye stuff. I have precipitant! I heated back up the liquid from yesterday; the wet, soggy mass…

September 11, 2012 Jonya Pacey

Sacrificing the handmixer this evening. W00t. To aerate the vat, whisk with an electric whisk or a manual one. Some people pour the liquid from one saucepan to another. I usually whisk for 10 minutes with an electric whisk until the froth turns blue and then green again. Sometimes the froth remains blue however long you whisk but this does not usually affect the results. Once, in late September, I had almost no blue in the froth but, to my surprise, a large amount of woad pigment settled out. via Extraction of Woad by Teresinha Roberts.