June 30, 2013 Jonya Pacey 0Comment


Pretty lazy day so far! I had another dyeing project plus wanted to redip a previously dyed item. This time I not only got the blue hands but also wiped my face…fortunately, that cleaned up with soap and water. That project done, I cleaned up and headed to Squash Blossom Farm for a tour. I was very impressed – they have a diversity that runs from fish and lettuce to chickens to bees to home-baked pizza, and it’s all in a background of art and beauty. Longer blog post to follow, probably on another blog.

So I need to throw those two dyed things in the washer, and i need to do some work laundry, write some blog posts, and figure out dinner but really what I want to do is turn on the TV and sit down to the spinning wheel.


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