• Busy since I got home.

    Mostly I've been stealing time with "Dead and Buried" by Barbara Hambly and enjoying catching up with the characters. I've also dusted the living room, now that the sanding is done. Weed-eated the back yard. Hand-weeded the grapes.

    Story there. One of the grapes is busting out with fresh growth and promises of concordy-grapes soon. The other is…mostly dead. I thought it was all dead and started the weeding with the consideration if I should just cut it out of the bed it is in. Found four-five tender vines starting up, off a younger section of the older cracked and flaky vines. I'm thrilled to see them.

    I also have strawberries starting to form, and cherries. I wanted to get lettuce and radishes planted tonight but didn't happen.

    I've done two loads of laundry and am about to finish scrubbing down the kitchen counters, after cleaning up after a late supper. Ham baked for two hours with mushrooms. Very tender. The leftovers will be nice in eggs tomorrow.