A pirate boardgame

I could continue re-watching seasons 7 through whatever of Doctor Who. Or continuing to keep up with stalking British mystery series. With a new project on the loom, I could do that. Or I could watch Lynda.com videos about graphic design, web design, and marketing plans. Useful stuff. Or I could sit here all day, reading FaceBook, and gleam a bit of knowledge from in between the Buzzfeed posts and cat videos.

Or I could get out of this chair and create things, learning while I do so. It’s the holiday break! So in between working for HomeGrown Web Services and in between holiday activities, I’ll get active. I know that going to work at the Rochester Public Library was very good for me physically – I’m on my feet for longer periods of time, I’m moving more and feeling better. I’m going to work on doing that here at home, and making a game out of it, too. A game with yarn and shuttle, or one with cat and string, or with cleaning rag and Pinesol, even.

Besides, it will give me things to blog about! I’m already behind a post, after claiming two days ago I was going to blog every day on the break. I tried. I started this post yesterday….does that count? No?

Here is my excuse. I fell into a new book series. Craig Johnson’s Longmire series is awesome. The second book kept me up until 2 am, finishing it. The characters are even more interesting in these books than they are in the television series which you can go watch on Netflix. Who now is set to continue the series within their own production studios and I’m so very happy about that. All hail Netflix! Anyway, I’ll check later to see if I can download the audiobooks as a reward for actually carrying through with this plan.

So, I’m up, I’m caffeinated and have written a bit. Ta-ta for now and I’ll see you later today.



School is out! On to writing…


I’ve had a busy semester of artwork, which frequently seemed like I was coloring between the lines on the computer, rather than creating true art. I did have moments where things came together and I felt like art was happening, though. Similar experience to when I’m writing. So until January 12, when school takes up again, I’m going to post something on this website every day.

Any one post might not be brilliant. It’s the repetition, the experience here on this website. My other two websites also need more content, I know.

I’m also going to get my picture files cleaned up and organized, to whatever point 30 minutes a day leads me to an organized set of files. That was about all I could stand here this morning before the urge to do something else became overwhelming. Boring task. I’m adding tags and other metadata to the ones I’m keeping, hoping to speed up posts like this one by having pictures from my own files to use.

But for now, I’m going to go find some clothes and then warp a loom. I’m going to get warpy in my own special way!


Pinterest, I’m in you.

Wow, that’s confusing.

I’ve got a new Pinterest profile and I intend to use the darn thing to find and share interesting fiber-related websites. And I’m thinking I should find and follow some of my favorite people but wow! that was hard.

Or maybe I’m just tired. Or it is the episode of Castle I’m trying to follow? Or maybe it was just overly confusing over there on Pinterest. Anyway, my new profile is http://www.pinterest.com/RochesterFiber/ and if I’ve followed you before, I want to follow you again. And maybe I should have been following you all along. Especially if you like fiber in any way at all.*

On other fiber-related news, I’ve learned you can use a drop spindle as a supported spindle if your spindle falls within certain parameters. Well-balanced is important, and the pointy-bottom, low whorl types work best. I’ve been working through my drop spindles, testing, as I have borrowed a supported spindle and it worked FANTASTICALLY but is now full. I want to fill another one and then ply the two together…but only have one supported spindle. So I found a drop spindle of similar weight and am making it work, and am not sure what will happen when that one is full but I bet I can find yet another drop spindle that works just fine. For this project.

But I really want to see if I can get this type of spindle made. Lovely, isn’t it?  Phoenix Moon can do the woodworking, and Gecko Glass Creations can do the lampwork whorl, and Fanny’s Your Aunt, I’m spinning with beautiful things.

I have a meeting at 7 am tomorrow and I plan to take my work with me. The spinning, not the library work or the homework or the website work, lol. Which will make me pretty unique, I’m thinking. A first, maybe, at the Rochester Open Coffee Club?

Well, bedtime! Night!



*This is a good portion of the people I stalk on FaceBook. But really? No idea. Maybe 10%? I may have to do a survey at some point and crunch the numbers.

Best Use of Library Card Ever!

Or at least for today…I read a lot and the books are great. However, this is really cool. Tampa Bay has expanded to new services for today’s patrons. Check out all the things offered on the third floor of the John F Germany Public Library. They have just opened a 10,000 square foot space called the Hive, which contains multiple makerspace functions  – everything from an art studio through to 3D printers to a robotics lab. Managed by librarians.

Do I haf’ta spend the day in a museum??

Kinda whiny about tomorrow’s mandatory school trip. My art class is going to the Minnesota Institute of Art and the Walker Art Gallery. I like going to museums, but not with huge groups of people. Not a herd animal here, I guess. Meh. I have a list of things I want to see and I’m sure once it all starts it will be fine, but here tonight I’m…well….I’d rather go by myself and take the time to see what I want to see.

At least I know Van will have dinner waiting for me when I get home. He’s fixing steak tonight. Yum!

I’m listening to a webinar by Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend , who is talking about making your first dollar. I’ve made my first dollar and more than that, and if he doesn’t turn around and start talking about something I’ve not heard before, I will have to do something else. Laundry, maybe? Or maybe working a bit on my part of the Global Entrepreneur Week Rochester. My event is on Thursday, noon, but I’m going to try to make as many of the events as I can. Part of my participation is the marketing bits to my contacts for the entire event, not just to my own. So if you are reading this? Please check out the link and consider going to an event or two, supporting both individual entrepreneurs and to the Rochester area community in general.

There. Now I don’t feel so badly about listening to this webinar instead of doing something more useful. I’ve given him 30 minutes of my time, though, and I’m done. There is nothing new here. Which is a basic challenge, of course, creating some thing that is both useful and interesting that people are willing to buy and continue buying into, and it doesn’t matter if you are creating your best widget ever or encouraging others to create their own best widget ever.

So tomorrow, my goal is to stay mellow and enjoy talking to people. And see some awesome pictures and other artwork.

Everything coming up roses!

Just a quick update post before I tear into homework for the day. All is well and so rather unnerving. Meh. If that shoe drops, I’ll roll out from underneath it.

The new position at the Rochester Public Library is going well. I’ll be working at the Customer Service desk that you see as you walk into the library, mostly evenings and weekends, I think. That’s not a big issue at the moment as I really need to be scheduled to train with a number of different people and not go into brain-overload. I reached at point today going over the circulation system but that’s probably my own fault. I kept thinking of scenarios and discussing them because I was very interested in understanding local policy and because Kim was very willing to do so.

I’m also working on the new services platform at Rochester Fiber Link, building the contact lists to help people find fibery goodness. I want that ready to roll out on the 22nd when I’m at the Pine Island Holiday Expo. That week is also the week of Rochester’s Global Entrepreneur Week events – if you check out the link, you’ll find a week’s worth of useful and interesting presentations around Rochester. The one I’m involved with is on the 20th, noon.

And there is always homework, which I should be getting back to doing. I’m enjoying the learning but here is yet one more thing eating up the hours.


Ever woken up convinced you can do everything you need to do? Today?

Yesterday was not that day. Wednesday was horrible – after nightmares and more all night (it seemed), I was in a gray depression. Blah. Yuck.

Today is different.

I feel that maybe I can do it today. Nothing like getting a good start on things, either! I’ve already got an article done and am editing another. Then on to homework! We are starting a unit on collage making in one of my art classes and I do like that art form.

First though, I need to go feed the kitties and find some more coffee.



Pulled in many directions


Being a business owner that is going to school that is also involved in her community means being busy beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Staying organized is vitally important and I’m refocusing on my use of calendars, organizational to-do apps and lists on paper like never before. And if you’re a long-time reader of this website, you know I like my to-do apps…I even spend money on a good one.

But that’s part of the problem. I app-jump when really the problem is committing to a daily review of the things on the list, and prioritizing them and then sticking to them. In reality I jump from task to task, rarely sticking to one thing until it is done. And I hate that! I know that the current thought is that as long as these are all high level tasks and as long as I don’t have that fifteen minute gap between them, as long as the flow is seamless – who cares? Keep moving forward and produce! It still feels like I’m giving in to impulses.

So here on my personal website, I’ll confess that it’s an exciting journey! This *being a business owner/ student/ community person*! And I’ve gone back to paper – specifically, tiny cute index cards meant for vocabulary flashcards. I use Myndology’s cards because the company is out of Wisconsin. I can sort things out on my desk and reorganize tasks and toss out cards when the task is done. It’s what works for me.

Well, bouncing on now.

Edit – I’d emailed Myndology several days ago to warn them that their website is displaying odd warnings. I can’t be the only one seeing that.

Truth in advertising – Walking Dead style…spoiler alert

The package said “stewing hen.” I was warned but I did not believe. Size-wise, it was obviously a baking chicken! Good sized, just perfect for roasting. As I was prepping it for the pan, I rejoiced in the fatty, thick skin that I usually only find in organic, truly free-range birds.

Hum…no. It was a tough old bird. After roasting it for longer than I thought I should, the bird was still chewier than I’m used to. Good flavor, though. Probably a flavor intensity similar to any other old bird, myself included. Did you catch the season opener for Walking Dead? Where after 4 years they finally ran into a band of people living the cannibalistic lifestyle? I’m not saying that this was a good thing, I think eating people’s flesh is really, really nasty-yucky even in fiction, even in television. Don’t go there if you end up in a zombie apocalypse and manage to survive several years of scrounging around abandoned houses.

And don’t stay on the East Coast. Lots of people over there, most of them zombiefied by now. Head northwest, get into corn-and-bean territory and find a good place to hole up. Someone, who warned me not to plan to go there cause he wanted to survive within the marble walls, said he would head for the St. Cloud prison. Federal or State? Do you know? Anyway, now that I know, I’ve got dibs and so you all just stay away, too, OK?

I pulled the moist, still-warm meat off my stewing hen and plan to chop it up for chicken salad, a dish in which the firmness will be a plus. Next time I will listen to the packaging. And I’ll continue to look for the perfect place to survive the zombies. You with me, there?

I started a new resource page for people who love fiber

Wool, angora, alpaca, spinning yarn, weaving, knitting,crocheting….

The list goes on and on. I know enough about knitting and crochet to be dangerous, as they say. I love weaving and need to do more of it, I spin wool (so much wool yarn! What to do with it all?) and I’ve been known to set up dye pots on a whim and simmer well into the night.

Most importantly, I so enjoy being with people who also love the fiber arts that I want to spend huge chunks of my life supporting other people’s enthusiasm. I like seeing people who spend huge chunks of their own lives pursuing their crafts.

So I started a new website…

RochesterFiber.Link. And I started it earlier than I should have, I know. I don’t have the resources the page promises listed yet – but the stories about Spinzilla are quickly passing us by and I needed to get those down on paper. Where they belong. On this page that I realized I could do and do well, as I know social media marketing.

Invitations will be going out to the people and businesses I already know, but AFTER Spinzilla is over. I’ve moved my spinning wheel to be within inches of this desk – hehehe – this makes me happy. Now while I’m listening to school lectures, I can also spin. This also makes me happy.