Sadness of cake

Lonely girl is sitting on a mountain top

I ate a muffin yesterday. It was a pretty good muffin even though there was a small packet underneath the paper wrapper that said “Do Not Eat” because it was a packaged muffin and I suppose they didn’t want it to get soggy in the days and weeks until I ate it. I couldn’t help … [Read more…]

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundupheader

I didn’t get very far before I ran into trouble. I am going to quit, sort of… Sarah Arrow has an excellent 30 Day Blogging Challenge program. Daily emails kept me interested and on track with her challenge’s progress. In the 12 or so days I kept up with the reading, I found good suggestions … [Read more…]

Just a great day…so far!

Ever wake up just convinced everything is going well? Me neither – least ways, not very often. But today I did and it’s just been rolling forward on the positive. After a strong session at the computer this morning, I headed to Zumbrota to go shopping for a new dress. Found one at Phenomenal Women, … [Read more…]

So that’s how this works

Remember this commercial? Three women, one of them posting pictures to her living room wall and her more savvy friend trying to explain how Facebook actually worked? Well, I’ve walked around the last couple of years feeling like the third woman in the room, the one that is initially nodding about how wonderful the wall … [Read more…]