Mashup with DownTown Funk

Just wanted to get a list of the movies found in this mashup. I want to watch some of them! Will be crossed off once I get them watched. Red-Headed Woman (1932) The Littlest Rebel (1935) The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) (twice) Sensations of 1945 Broadway Melody of 1940 (twice) Honolulu (1939) (twice) Lady Be … [Read more…]

Tomorrow is Minnesota Bloggers Conference!

I’m going to this thing tomorrow at St. Catherine’s University. There’s guilt, cause I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t made the time to write. And yeah, I *could* blame FaceBook and the wonderful people I talk to there, but frankly that’s a crock and a cop-out. But whatever. I can change! Hundreds of bloggers … [Read more…]

I’m Restarting the Internet

The last few weeks, I’ve begun to realize how much of my life I’m giving away. “Time is fleeting” as the song says, and I’m suddenly paying attention to that. I’ve no idea why my brain decided that it was time to be more mindful… Wait. Brain? Soul? Id/Ego/Super Ego? What is it that brings … [Read more…]