Chipmunk, Part Two

Taking a pause in the day to continue that chipmunk story. See, even though it’s outside, technically, and two rooms away, I could swear that I could smell that dead chipmunk in the basement today. I was letting it desiccate a bit before I pulled it out of there, since the window well is about 5 feet deep and I didn’t trust it to all come up with the hoe blade used as a scoop. Or maybe I was just avoiding the whole think, right?

So after moving clothes into the dryer, I went outside and pulled the cover off of the window well. Surprise! A live chipmunk freaking out and no sign of anything dead down there.

I lowered the hoe so he had a ramp to get out, then I stirred the grasses down there to be sure the other one was still there…yep, still there, I’d not let a zombie chipmunk loose. The dead one had been covered up by the live one, who was probably not happy to share the small inescapable prison with a corpse. I was glad to let it go, and glad to get the dead one out of there, and thinking I should either figure out how to block the holes or check each day for a new prisoner.

In the rest of my world – Sam is tuckered out from having helped me make lots of beds and pallets up today. She’s a good helper! It’s raining here and cool in the mornings. Probably not too many more cucumbers to have to deal with from the garden, really. I got to get back to homework now, but wanted to be sure you’d heard that part of the story.

A Chippie’s Life

Sam does not know how to hunt, which is totally fine with me. Boo, however, must have thought this a horrid lack of skills and so brought her a live chipmunk. Into the house. Right next to me…I wasn’t having any of that! It was a soft catch on Boo’s part, no blood or broken bits. Chippie must have practically ran into his mouth, btw, with the arthritis and bad hips Boo is dealing with these days. Chippie just as calmly rode out of the house in my hands – I thought about scooping him up in Van’s shoe what was sitting right there but I’m better at scooping up things with my hands. No frantic heartbeat or struggling, but once I set him down and he realized he wasn’t getting any deader, he took off.

Chippie is running free outside and the two lazy cats are circling the last known location of the small rodent. Plus Boo is pouting at me A LOT. I think he’s been trying to get Sam out for a hunting lesson all day; they did spend a lot of time exploring around the edges of the house while I was working in the garden, and then also prowled through the garden with me. Then Sam started chasing squirrels and I made her stay closer to the house…I guess that’s why Boo had to bring a chipmunk to her, huh?

Today is going to be….All Things

Initially, I was going to come here online and moan about not sleeping well and how my headache is still with me and how those two things and stress is going to just make the whole day suck, but I realized that’s wrong.

Oh, I’m sure it will contain the need to manage those two things and stress! Plus other issues that crop up during the day. Like negativity. Lack of compassion. Small baby steps towards a stronger community when I want people to take huge freaking giant steps. That’s a post for another day, though, just saying my day is going to contain them.

PLUS – fun people in my yard! Barbara Payne is setting up her first Gold Rush booth here. I’m having a great little sale on my own…well, if I ever get the things priced. Tomorrow, Shannon and Rachel are pulling an RV to the back, and I know Liz is coming to sell beads – and show the bead making off. Ricky and Brenda will be here too! And who knows who else is going to be able to make it? Not me…I’ve been a bit busy and I’m totally disorganized and that’s OK, it’s all getting done.

Oh thank god for coffee. It’s starting to percolate my brain awake.

I still have a business to run during all of this. Clients to help, my own website to restore, calls to make. I’m making a list…actually, no, I’ll tell you. I am using a new product. GTDNext incorporates Getting Things Done processes and as long as I do my part of interacting with the application, things go pretty well. Nothing falls through the cracks unknowingly, except for the bread and cider.

There were five things on my list last night, and two of those were bread and hard cider. I failed at getting both of those and realized it in the parking lot as I was leaving. Too tired to go back in and I can get bread locally. I’ll drink wine.

Van is manning the home place this morning while I’m out flagging. I’m not actually going to be doing a lot of set up this morning; that’s more for this afternoon, right? When the city vendors get to come in and start set up? Time to get to it! I got over 9,000 steps yesterday and I’m sure I’ll get more than that today.

Facebook Gratitude Challenge: Day Three

I am on Day 3 of a 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, listing three things I’m grateful for each day for a week. I am supposed to be posting them on FB but this feeds into FB so I’ll collect them here where I can come back and review them more easily. I will not be inviting 2 more FB friends each day to join in the challenge, although you can if you want.

Today I am grateful for: Van Charles, my husband. Who isn’t perfect, but then neither am I. Who is just about my perfect other half. It’s been a great 32+ years, my dear!

For the Rocky Mountain Three Gun Competition, where he had a great time doing his thing with the gun enthusiasts.

And for all the other drivers on the road, and the deer, and the raccoons, who did not cause him to wreck on the way home. He’s been gone for at least two weeks, although it seems much longer. I’m grateful for the road crews who kept the roads in shape, too!

I’m very glad he’s home!

FaceBook Gratitude Challenge: Day Two

I am on Day Two of a 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, listing three things I’m grateful for each day for a week. I am supposed to be posting them on FB but this feeds into FB so I’ll collect them here where I can come back and review them more easily. I will not be inviting 2 more FB friends each day to join in the challenge, although you can if you want.

Today I am grateful for: Computers. And the Internet. And the other tools that may help me rebuild a professional life.

My garden, which provides food and enjoyment. Today was about weeding and harvesting and the pleasure of using my hands to create order. It’s also creating far too many cucumbers but that’s life – abundance!

My silly Boo-Bear of a cat, who just looks at me like I’m a bit crazy when I tell him he can’t go out, or he has to stop jumping on my lap, or that I’m not going to put bird videos on the computer for him. He loves me unconditionally. Holds me down at night, laying on my legs. And reminds me to live in the moment…mostly by doing so himself, sure, but that’s kinda what cats do!




FaceBook Gratitude Challenge: Day One

I am on Day One of a 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, listing three things I’m grateful for each day for a week. I am supposed to be posting them on FB but this feeds into FB so I’ll collect them here where I can come back and review them more easily. I will not be inviting 2 more FB friends each day to join in the challenge, although you can if you want.

Today I am grateful for: Being Tired After Doing GISHWHES. I was on a great team with great coordination and cooperation. We did some really cool performance art plus charitable acts that we feel good about. And I’m also glad that I am physically able to stick to the week-long challenge and not freak out over all the stress and deadlines.

Having a future. As crazy as the last nine months have been, I’ve survived and maybe have gotten stronger for it. There are interesting opportunities ahead. I don’t think I’m tempting fate too much by saying that, right?

Tomatoes. The cherry tomato out there in the garden is producing some of the bestest little tomatoes and I’m just eating them up. I love summer for the food!


Doing All The Stuff!

Just a quick post to get me back on the posting train! It’s not an announcement, it’s not a promise, it’s an action. A lot of people think that an important first step in any journey is the first step, and so here is mine.

I am also on a journey to get into shape by sweating.

Exercising. I’ve counted calories for the last three days and have gained weight – I know! Weird! And this is not an announcement of that activity, either, but a sharing of an update. I’ve had some sort of workout the last three days – one of those was up and down and around the woods, looking for acorn caps. Wow, that was fun. And the deep woods were beautiful. The canopy was dark enough to have discouraged shrubs and small trees and fruits from growing so it was easy walking and peaceful.

I am organizing for a garage sale

With Gold Rush coming up, I might as well make some money on my unused weaving tools, things I no longer use and might never do so. I can buy them again when I have more time.

I am participating in GISHWHES

This is a lot of fun and zaniness. I need to go find the ingredients for Pasta with Jam Sauce now, or I’d write more. Later!

Can You Help Me On My Quest?


The journey to master the Twin Mines of InDesign and PhotoShop continue. I am guided through this journey by a mystic named Instructor and have magic spells such as ‘creative cloud’ and ‘textbook’ and ‘Lynda.’ Each week I have mastered new levels of these dungeons and tomorrow I reach the midpoint, if the map proves true.

I am pleased. Although these two campaigns soon will draw to a close, I look forward to even more intense explorations of other dungeons this Fall.

These labors, and my internship within the castle Valley Craft Industries, has left me with little time to continue my above-ground adventures in the lands of Web Design and Social Media Consulting. I have decided to turn to you, Dear Reader, for assistance.

Do you have a website that needs updating? Or have you considered setting off on your own journey and need a website? Or maybe you have a friend, a family member, or know of a business in search of a Web Master?

I am an experienced web designer who has returned to university to gain the Proper Spells of Mastery (otherwise known as a degree). Working on websites and consulting on SEO will allow me to continue to attend classes as, after all, I can do web-work at any time, day or night, and so balance my various and splendid tasks as I see fit, not as a time clock would expect.

Please share forward as you will! Thank you!


Zombie Knitpocolypse Report #zk2014

So here I am with a zombie knitpocolypse event going on in my locale and I have a Golden Ticket of Admittance, and I woke up with a migraine.

Sadness. There are classes and tours and shrieks of greetings and circles of people getting caught up. Meeting new people. Lots of good energy going on and I wasn’t able to be part of it today.

How can I ever learn to knit those zombies their own sweaters unless I first master CASTING ON? There are children who can cast on and I can’t even figure out if I’m spelling that right…is it caste? Or cast? If CASTE, I’m probably one of the lower, more useful castes cause after all I do turn fiber into yarn and yarn is one of the necessary ingredients for the proper zombie sweater or shawl or cowl-thingie.

QUICK ASIDE: YOU COULD KNIT A COWL-THINGIE AND THEN TOSS IT ON A ZOMBIE WITHOUT GETTING BITTEN. I think part of the attraction to being a zombie knitter is to actually not be a zombie, right? Losing body parts into the work on the needles would be detrimental to your project so don’t do that. But I just can’t imagine getting a sweater, or a pair of socks, onto a zombie WITHOUT getting bitten. I’m sure they are grateful but there is the virus’s need to spread and the host’s need to bite.



Anyway, I prepare wool for spinning but not so much with the knitting. Fortunately, I was able to attend yesterday where I learned that the Zombie Knitpocalypse isn’t so much of preparing for zombies to attack as being a person that could continue your craft IF the zombies come a’knocking. Knitting is a survivalist skill as well as being a social venue for over 150 people to gather in Rochester from all over the world. It’s a tight-knit community whose primary online home is Ravelry and whose window to the world is via podcasts. Besides the sponsors of the Zombie Knitpocolypse, there were at least 15 people who either on their own or as part of a team produce a regular podcast. Below you can see some of them and do you see what they are doing? Besides answering our questions? They have needles and yarn going in a rhythm that will produce something beautiful and useful. Clickity-clickity.





Actually, my bad. Even with over one-hundred people in the main gathering space knitting away, you don’t hear those needles. People are so busy talking, catching up, sharing and teaching – I never did hear any of the needles! Now spinning wheels, yes, when I was in a circle of wheels making yarn, I could hear that sound. But never the needles.

Here at 3 pm, I don’t think I will go into Rochester for the rest of the event. I woke up with an eye migraine that progressed onto something even hurtier and am just now feeling a bit normal. I think I will take a couple of cats out for their afternoon adventures (one is still a queen and young enough to think she can take on full-grown squirrels, so we watch her) and maybe weed a bit. Or maybe just try that casting on again. I have YouTube, I will Conquer.

Although it is not nearly as satisfying as being with real, live people. Tomorrow! We have one last day and I will be there!




Knitting Podcasters…wow.

There are fourteen Podcasters here today talking about their work. It’s fascinating. The two talking talking now use Google Hangout and load it right up. Others do the traditional editing and work off a script.



This is something to explore for the local food movement.

ALL of the speakers have needles in their hands. Neat.